The Pendulum Project

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Turntable images that are candidates for exhibition:

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4 Rotations in 2:44, 2:1 pendulum, TMAX-400

Re-do these with TMAX-100 and no wobble.
Also consider slower turntable.


1 Rotation in 2:44, 2:1 pendulum swinging N-S, TMAX-400

1 Rotation in 2:44, 2:1 pendulum, various positions, TMAX-400


Re-do some of the previous images (2:1 Pendulum, various positions, one rotation in 2:44) with TMAX-100 and more exposure (9.5 ma)

Add the BAFFLE

Try just one with 2:1 Pendulum but swinging N-S

Work more with the gimbals, TMAX-100, and more exposure

WIGGLE problem solved as of 150J

Adjust the gimbles so there is no difference in periods N-S and E-W, and try some freehand starts

The turntable has been redesigned so that one complete rotation is now 10:48

These were done with the 5:3 pendulum with a N-S start at the tail end of the 2014-15 season

Belts tightened after 154F, and lower pivot imobilized after 154G - jerky problem fixed!

Continuing with the slow (10:50) turntable at the end of the 2015-15 season

These were done with the 4:3 pendulum

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