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feedback from workshop participants

  • "Paul's workshop is very informative. You'll learn to test your film to produce the perfect print. Paul's printing technique will bring new meaning to your photographs. Hands-on training gives you the biggest bang for the buck. I will be signing up again this summer."

    - Bob Sanborn, 2005 workshop participant

  • "Visiting various exhibits, Paul Wainwright's work always drew my attention. His images display interesting concepts and fine craftsmanship. Needless to say, I was very enthused to enroll in his workshop offered at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Paul offers advanced techniques in the process of composition, exposure, film processing, and printing. He provides education on display as well. Paul's technical and creative expertise presents alternative ways of producing an outstanding piece of work for those possessing the diligence necessary in achieving favorable results. Every student receives due respect and encouragement and can expect individual assistance to realize their potential. Paul's friendly and casual demeanor immediately puts students at ease allowing for each individual to create and progress at a comfortable pace. Attendance in his workshop proved to be a valuable learning and inspiring experience and I look forward to workshop opportunities offered by Paul in the future."

    - Annette Boyce, Certificate of Photography 2006 Graduate, NHIA

  • "I took this workshop because everyone told me that Paul was a great photographer, taught interesting techniques and really helped the students improve their own work. All of this was true and more. As a teacher Paul generously shares the techniques, tricks, and vision that go into his work. I appreciated that Paul was teaching us a different approach to black and white than we had learned before. It made me think about grey in a new way and increased my attentiveness to the details that make such a difference. His encouragement and modeling of meticulous methodology was inspiring as well as informative. Paul was fun to be with; from the coffee he provided every morning, to making sure we all had lunch, Paul took good care of his students. This is the kind of workshop worth repeating. Paul's depth of knowledge and experience reach far beyond what can be absorbed in a short workshop. I look forward to taking more workshops with Paul and improving my skills."

    - Rocky Lehr, 2005 workshop participant

  • "It was inspiring to learn from someone who had both a depth of technical expertise and the ability to express it creatively. 5 weeks was too short a time. I've continued to make use of the white-light contact sheet method."

    - Benjamin Hersh, 2005 workshop participant

  • "Paul is known for his meticulous photographic technique. I have taken two workshops with Paul. Each workshop was very helpful. He prepares thoroughly for the classes, presents the material in a very clear and logical manner, and answers all student questions in a non intimidating style. The hands-on part of the classes are broken down into easily manageable activities. He circulates in the darkroom, once again answering all questions, and demonstrating processes as frequently as required to help all students feel comfortable. He is happy to adapt his technique to meet the needs of individuals. The atmosphere is productive yet relaxed. Critiques are very helpful, with plenty of follow up suggestions. I would recommend any and all of Paul's classes for those interested in improving or perfecting their traditional photography techniques. Have fun!"

    - Sheila Groonell, 2002 and 2003 workshop participant

  • "I learned a great deal from Paul's printing workshop last summer. He's definitely a master of the subject. I have incorporated some of the methods we learned into my standard printing routine. Previously, all I ever did was split filter - now I will experiment with trying white light or different "grades" to find the most suitable match for the image. That is what I took away the most- to try and make the expressive print for each negative. I looked forward to class every Saturday morning- and the free coffee was a nice kicker!"

    - Andrew Fitzgerald, 2004 workshop participant

  • "Paul took the time to get to know me and my individual artistic style. He shared great information on the Zone System, contact sheets, unsharp masking, and printing techniques. He was skilled at explaining the step-by-step procedures, as well as helping me understand the "whole picture." Paul is an exceptional artist and a skilled photographer, and his workshop has fundamentally changed the way I print."

    - Joanne Chartrand, 2003 workshop participant

  • "Your work is wonderful and your vision to be admired. I first saw your work at McGowan Fine Art (Mary is an old friend) and was immediately impressed and awed. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so magnificantly."

    - Sarah Roche, Photographer, 2006

  • "You give photography a terrific reputation!!"

    - Marianne Pernold Young, Photographer, 2006