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feedback from collectors, curators and gallery owners

  • "I stumbled across your website this evening while researching mill buildings and artist studios/communities in New Hampshire. I'm also an architect, and I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your series of photographs on colonial meetinghouses. You have a wonderful eye for light as well as composition - it's very inspiring work."
    - Scott Lewis, Photographer and Architect, Seattle, Washington

  • "I think your pictures of the meetinghouses are fantastic - what a rich source for such wonderful imagery."
    - Michael P. Rosenberg, Ph.D., Photographer, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  • "Your multifaceted project is superb in every way. The beautiful photographs and accompanying text will further the cause of preservation as well as inspiring appreciation for photographic art and instilling historical understanding. All of us look forward to seeing the book, exhibit, and other treasures."
    - James L. Garvin, New Hampshire State Architectural Historian, retired

  • "I went through the photos you posted. They are beyond gorgeous. I love that they are black and white. Love the keys!! Love the warm, many-times-touched wood in the meetinghouses and the amazing panes of rumpled glass and the strange configurations of cubbies (what to call them? Boxes?) in which people sit. The windows! The doors! The many-times painted exteriors, some with paint peeling again! Oh, what a work you are doing!"
    - Susan Bingham, Composer, Emmaus, Pennsylvania

  • "Your prints are lovely and warm. The addition of Billings' hymns to your website is wonderful."
    - Elizabeth Rankin, Project Manager, Essex National Heritage Commission

  • "I always admire your work for the power and silence that comes from your images. It reflects the beauty of the wonderful New England area which I hope I can visit one time personally."
    - Harald Leban, photographer, Austria

  • "Paul, I am so very jealous of your work. There are so many of your images that take my breath away, and for me, that's the test I use. Wonderful work!"
    - Cole P. Thompson, photographer, Colorado

  • "The photos are wonderful, and your perspective is original, so clean and inspiring."
    - Peggy Noecker, Middletown, New Jersey

  • "Just wanted you to know that I just spent a delightful 30 or so minutes looking at your images. Outstanding. Thank you for sharing."
    - Joe Azoti, photographer, Orange, Connecticut

  • "Your work is beautiful."
    - Arthur Drooker, Photographer, author of Lost Worlds and American Ruins

  • "I enjoy your photographs very much."
    - Howard Bond, Photographer, contributing editor for Photo Techniques Magazine

  • "What wonderful craftsmanship!"
    - Ken Rancort, Director of Summit Operations, Mount Washington Observatory

  • "You have the ability to take what I would call sights seen almost every week and turn then into works of art by way of isolating the ingrediant that makes them stand out or memorable. I can't begin to count the number of times I have walked past the very articles you have photographed and not even noticed them. In my 71 years (roughly 30 as an amatuer photographer), I have yet to see anyone capture the essence of everyday America the way you have."
    - Joe Trainor, VP, Creative Consultants

  • "Your LF images are stunning!
    - J Michael Sullivan, Editor/Publisher, MAGNAchrom, 2007"

  • "I have just finished looking at all of your portfolios on your web site and they are just fantastic. I have done B/W wet photography - medium format - for years so I can appreciate the effort and intensity required to produce an excellent print. The print of the long winding staircase in the lighthouse is just stunning. What a pleasure to see your work."
    - Harry Ezell MD, Ohio

  • "Thank you for making my day. If I can one day take such beautiful and inspiring photographs I will feel blessed."
    - Sarah Roche

  • "Paul's photographs are marvelous (understatement). I find the 'Empty Spaces' portfolio to be my favorite. I love the haunting quality, and there are several of them that I think of often and go to the web site to have another look!"
    - Jeff Kapke, Lisbon, Portugal, 2006

  • "Paul's work is reminiscent of some of the great masters of the mid-20th century, such as Ansel Adams and Minor White."
    - Deborah Martin Kao, Fogg Museum, Harvard University, 2005

  • "Paul Wainwright's black and white photograph "Box Pews, Rocky Hill Meeting House" drives home the essence of the celebration of the Peace Treaty. Establishing the historic first in "multi-track" diplomacy meant the community came together in support of the common goal, even inviting the Russians and Japanese negotiators into their homes. This grew out of their sense of community and their moral beliefs; it grew out of the meetinghouse. Wainwright's photo of four family box pews creating one cross reminds us of this cultural history."
    - Elizabeth Nguyen, in a review of the New Hampshire Art Association show "Art for Peace," commemorating the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Russo-Japanese treaty in Prtsmouth, NH

  • "Wainwright works in the large format traditions of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Paul Strand. The images in this exhibition include interpretive images of the natural landscape and architectural interiors that are literal in their renderings while simultaneously contemplative and quiet. The compositions are passages for meditation. The windows, doorways, and stairs are a symphony of time, space, and light. The stairways in particular, present a paradox. Viewed quickly, they are the Whirling Dervishes; pondered and digested, they are the mindful present."
    - Tony Decaneas, former director of Panopticon Gallery,

  • "Looking through Paul's web site is a delightful journey of the senses."
    - Jackie Abramian, Haley Farm Gallery, Kittery, Maine

  • "In my judgement your photographs beautifully capture the architectural spirit of 18th century New England churches. Now that I have visited some of these churches, I especially admire your work.
    Don Norris, photographer, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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